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Empower your body,
Improve your lifestyle.

My mission is to help you build a strong and healthy body using a combination of methods rooted in scientific principles and research.

No quick fixes, no shortcuts. 

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About Mila

Mila Aleshina is a functional movement coach, passionate about anatomy, fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, ELDOA practitioner (1 & 2), and certified TRX trainer.

She has always primarily taught in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy practices, in Montreal and now in the Geneva (Switzerland) area, where she successfully helps her clients improve joint mobility, relieve back pain, recover from injury, and enhance overall strength and conditioning, all while respecting the body's needs and working through any restrictions in a safe and effective manner.


Mila believes in empowering her clients through movement, to efficiently reach their goals. She begins by understanding her clients' physical needs and personal goals, then provides detailed guidance that encourage body awareness, optimal input from the nervous system, and intentional movement execution.

Mila has co-founded with the mission of democratizing and personalizing functional exercise and healthy habits that lead to long-term results.

“I had concerns about online individual sessions myself but with Mila it was not an issue. On third lecture I had a feeling that the lesson was as a real one.

I asked Mila to help me with my lower back pain. After initial evaluation she identified what was the cause of my problem and created a personal program for me.
After two lessons, my back pain disappeared. And in case it is back I have a set of exercises to fix it by myself.

Mila is very professional, has good sense for details, and always happy to answer any questions, even via emails between sessions."

- Tatyana

The Methods

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

"Exercise was created for people, not people for exercise" - Mila Aleshina. As a firm believer that exercises need to be selected and adapted to each persons needs, her variety of training methods allow her to cater to different needs in a personalized and unique way.



In-person sessions

Mila teaches at the Physio Santé in Founex, Switzerland, where she gives private and semi-private sessions. 

Your sessions may be covered by your complimentary health insurance. Please inquire for more information.


Online Training

Book an online private session to do a full joint assessment and build a personalized exercise practice.

Join one of our memberships to receive a personalized exercise program that adapts and grows as you progress. Start building your healthy movement habit today.



Contact Mila directly to inquire about corporate workshops, membership, wellness classes and more.

To inquire, please contact me directly via:


Mila is proud to collaborate with brands that share her values of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Before recommending any brand, she thoroughly reviews them and only endorses those that she personally uses and whose values she shares. In her mission to cultivate healthy habits, she is happy to offer a discount code if you are interested in trying them too.

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